Christian Advice on Sexless Marriage: How to Handle It

Christian advice on sexless marriage: how to handle itIf you’re in a sexless marriage, you’re not alone. In fact, research suggests that 15 to 20 percent of married couples are in a sexless marriage at any given time. While there are many reasons why marriages may become sexless, it can be a difficult and frustrating situation for both partners.If you’re struggling in a sexless marriage, there are some things you can do to try to improve the situation. Here are some Christian tips on how to handle a sexless marriage.Check out the rest of the article for more tips on how to improve your sexless marriage.

Start with the intention of making your sex life better

We can’t help but wonder why you’re feeling a bit sexless lately. If sex is a priority for both of you, but you’re not sure how to turn things around, you’re not alone. A sexless marriage is possible, though, and you can work to make it better.

Men are visual creatures

Every man I’ve ever met has had a moment when he thought to himself, “Wow, my wife is gorgeous!” That moment of sexual attraction is what helps us to look forward to sex with our partner. If we don’t feel attractive, then how can we expect to be turned on? If you’re not feeling sexual towards your partner, look at yourself and ask if there’s something wrong with you. The answer should not be “yes.” There’s no shame in being attracted to the opposite sex, and we all have the right to feel attracted to the people we want to be intimate with.

Most men are stimulated by visual imagery, and your sex life might be a little less satisfying if you don’t give your guy the visual that he craves

Have fun playing with your sex toys! Try incorporating sex toys into your love-making to add a little variety to your sex life. You can be adventurous and add anal sex toys to your repertoire. If you’re not comfortable doing anal sex, try incorporating other toys or using sex toys to stimulate other areas of your body. You might be surprised at how much more exciting your sex life can be when you add a few fun sex toys to the mix!

It’s also important to keep in mind that women are visual creatures, too — and if your sex life is lacking, it’s probably because you aren’t paying enough attention to your own sexiness

We’re not saying that sex and sensuality are the same thing, but there’s no question that a woman’s sexual attraction plays a huge role in setting the tone for the sexual desires of her partner. And one of the best ways to keep the sexual spark alive in your relationship is to pay attention to your own sexual energy and sensuality.

Men love lingerie

Let’s face it: lingerie is fun! Getting all dolled up is an excuse to treat your partner to something special and sexy. Plus, it can really help you feel sexy and be more in the mood. If you want to add some spice to your sex life, consider adding a sexy lingerie set or some sexy underwear to your lingerie drawer. This helps you feel sexy and can help boost your sex drive.

Talk openly about sex and what you both want

If you or your spouse is not interested in sex, talk about it. Be open and honest with each other. Discuss what your sexual needs are, what your sexual fantasies are, and what things you like or dislike in the bedroom. The more you talk, the more comfortable you’ll feel with your partner and the more likely you are to have a more satisfying sex life.

christian advice on sexless marriage

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Practice open and honest communication

When you’re feeling vulnerable, it can be hard to talk about sex. One way to help alleviate this feeling is to practice open and honest communication about your sexual needs and desires. This doesn’t mean you have to talk about every sexual fantasy you have or tell your partner what to do in bed. It simply means that you can talk about what you’re feeling and what you want without shame or embarrassment. By practicing open, honest communication, you help your partner know where you stand, and they’ll be more likely to respond accordingly.

Understand each other’s desires

What do you like best in sex? What would you want to do if you were with your partner every time you had sex? What are you not interested in? Being able to talk about these things can help you understand what your partner likes and dislikes and can help you meet their needs. It’s important to talk about sex in an open and honest way. You might discover your partner likes something that neither of you thought you would.

Don’t be afraid to express your needs and wants

When you talk about sex you aren’t being disloyal, you’re being honest. Couples need to talk about sex and love as often as they talk about the weather. Couples who hold back from talking about sex are more likely to have sexless marriages. A sexless marriage is not what God intended, and He doesn’t want us to suffer in silence. To avoid sexless marriage, couples need to discuss how they feel about sex and what they want to get out of it. If one or both partners are feeling frustrated or uninterested in sex, they need to say so.

Discuss birth control and condom use

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to sexless marriage is that your sex drive may run very high. You may be so turned on by your spouse that you want to have sex all the time. But if you aren’t interested in sex right now, your spouse may be disappointed and feel rejected. Discuss birth control options. Condoms are one option. But you may want to also consider the “pill” — the most popular form of birth control. The pill works by stopping ovulation — that is, by stopping your egg from being fertilized. In order for you to be sexually intimate with your spouse again, however, you will need to continue taking the pill for a period of time.

Focus on intimacy and physical affection

As the relationship continues to grow, it is important to focus on the things that make your spouse feel loved. One way that you can show your love is by paying attention to their body and showing them physical affection. This is especially important when you are not in the mood. Your spouse will feel loved if you show them that you care by just paying attention to them.

christian advice on sexless marriage

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Hug someone you love every day

The simple act of giving someone a hug has a profound effect on our bodies and our moods. If you’re not regularly showing physical affection to one another, you’re sending the message that your relationship isn’t important enough to warrant physical contact. Couples who struggle with sexual problems report a lack of physical touch as one of the main causes of their problems, as does physical neglect. If you want your sex life to improve, put some love in your daily habits by showing your partner a little more love and physical affection.

Kiss someone you love every day

One way to keep the sexual spark alive is to practice daily intimacy. Try to kiss your spouse before you head out the door, or while you’re cooking dinner. Kiss them after you put the kids to bed. Kiss them when you’re cleaning up the kitchen. If you really want to up the romance, try to find a way to kiss in the middle of sex. It’s a great way to remind one another of how much you love each other.

Hold hands with your partner

Holding hands is an easy way to demonstrate your love and show your partner that you have their back. When you’re feeling anxious or afraid, it can be incredibly comforting to have the reassurance that your partner is right beside you. When you’re feeling sexual, nothing can beat holding hands and letting your partner know that you love them.

Make love to your partner every day

Sex is a great way to express love. It’s a way to demonstrate to your partner that you are attracted to them physically and emotionally. Sex also helps to keep your sexual appetite at a healthy level. It gives you something to look forward to each day. Make sex a priority in your relationship by scheduling time to do it on a regular basis. Let your partner know that sex is a priority for you and you will do your best to make it a priority for them as well.

Do what you love

While some people believe that couples should focus on their sex life outside of the bedroom, the truth is that sex is an integral part of a relationship. It’s the physical, emotional, and mental connection that partners feel when they’re intimate with one another. When one of the partners is not interested in sex and is not willing to work to improve their sexual relationship, the marriage will suffer.

christian advice on sexless marriage

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Do what you love and the money will follow

You can have a successful marriage while still pursuing your passions. If you want to cultivate a sexless marriage, you need to start valuing your relationship more than your hobbies and work. Put your partner’s needs ahead of your passions, and you’ll find your sexless marriage will be much easier to manage and maintain.

Make a plan and stick with it

Sometimes the biggest challenge in making a sexless marriage work is planning. It’s easy to let life’s demands take over and make us forget that our priorities should be a priority. If you want to have sex in your marriage, make sure it’s a priority and schedule time to do it. If you don’t schedule time, it’s likely to never happen. Plan for sex when you’re both in the mood and make it a priority.

Be flexible

If your spouse isn’t interested in sex, it can be incredibly disappointing and disheartening. But it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes our bodies and our partners just don’t line up. It helps to be flexible and not put too much pressure on your spouse to want sex. Instead, focus on ways you can show love toward your spouse that doesn’t require sexual activity.

Avoid impulsive decisions

We all make impulsive decisions, but those who struggle with sexual sin are more likely to make impulsive decisions when it comes to sex. It’s important for every spouse to develop a sexual ethic that allows them to make wise, long-term decisions about sexual activity. If you struggle with impulsive sexual desires, one thing you can do is regularly spend time alone with your spouse. This gives you time to talk about your feelings regarding sex, and it might even help you to realize that you do not need to give in to your sexual impulses.

In conclusion, if you are struggling in a sexless marriage, know that you are not alone. Talk to a trusted friend or counselor about your feelings and seek professional help if needed. Remember, you are not alone in this and there is help available.