Cosmo’s Bad Relationship Advice: The Top 10 Worst Pieces Of Advice

Cosmo bad relationship adviceWe’ve all been there. You’re in a relationship that’s not going well, and you turn to your friends or family for advice. But sometimes, the advice you get is just bad.If you’re looking for some bad relationship advice, look no further than Cosmopolitan magazine. Cosmo is known for its sex tips and relationship advice, but some of its advice is just plain bad.Here are the top 10 worst pieces of relationship advice from Cosmo:1. “If he’s not ready to commit, have an affair.”2. “If he doesn’t call, don’t call him.”3. “If he doesn’t want to talk about his feelings, have sex with him.”4. “If he doesn’t want to talk about your relationship, have sex with him.”5. “If he doesn’t want to talk about your future, have sex with him.”6. “

Always be available

If you want to get your partner to trust you, you need to demonstrate that you’re available to them. We’re not just talking about physically being available, but also emotionally and intellectually. If a conflict comes up, be honest about how you feel. Don’t just dismiss it or change the subject. Be willing to talk about why you feel the way you do and ask your partner to do the same. It will help you both gain deeper insight into your relationship and trust one another more.

Respond promptly

It doesn’t matter if the text you sent was sent in anger or frustration. Your partner deserves an immediate response. If you don’t respond within 24 hours, it can hurt your partner’s feelings. Worse yet, it can also make them feel as if they aren’t important or worthy of your time. Even worse, if you’re in a long-distance relationship and you don’t respond to messages, your partner may feel as if you don’t care about them.

Be available by email

If you feel like you can’t talk to your partner in person, talk to them by email — at least in the beginning. You can get your feelings off your chest easier when you can write freely and not worry about how you sound. Your partner might need to reassure you that you’re still loved, and email can help them do that. Plus, if you’re worried about what you might say or how you might sound, email gives you the chance to rehearse and think about what you want to say.

Use a service like Skype

There are tons of free ways to stay in touch with your partner that don’t involve sitting down together in front of the TV. If you’re not quite ready to jump back into face-to-face interactions, consider using video chat services like Skype or Google Hangouts. Both are free and can be used over Wi-Fi or the Internet, so you can talk to each other from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Video chat can be an especially good option if one of you is traveling.

Be honest

Even the best relationship requires people to be honest. In fact, being honest is one of the most important traits in a good relationship. It shows your partner that you trust them and value them for who they are. You will be less likely to cheat if you know that your partner is honest with you.

Don’t have sex with him

If you want to avoid having sex with him, it’s best to stay away from the person altogether. You can refuse to be intimate with him even if he continues to pursue you. Being rejected is the best cure for a bad relationship. If you decide to give him another chance, always maintain your boundaries. Tell him that you cannot have sex with him and don’t feel comfortable being in a relationship with someone who treats you poorly. He won’t be able to resist your charms if you refuse to sleep with him.

cosmo bad relationship advice

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Don’t have sex with him until you feel comfortable and are sure you want to be in a relationship with him

If you don’t know for sure that you want to be with this person, don’t have sex with them. It will only lead to more confusion and frustration. For whatever reason, your brain is having a hard time believing that you want to be with this person. You need to take some time to figure out why. It could be that you’re not in a good enough relationship with yourself to be with someone else. Or it could be that you have a problem with your sex drive or sexual functioning. Whatever the reason, you need to find out if there’s something wrong with you before you have sex with someone else.

Don’t have sex with him until you’re in love

I know what you’re thinking. We’ve all heard this before. But the truth is, it’s a terrible idea. If you have sex with someone because you think you’re in love with them, you’re cheating on them with your hormones and you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s possible that you’ll get your feelings hurt and will end up feeling rejected and alone. And you’ll definitely regret it!

Don’t have sex with him if you know he’s been unfaithful

If he’s been cheating on you, it doesn’t matter if you feel loved or even if he says he loves you. It is cheating, and it will cause you to doubt your relationship. The good news is that you don’t have to wait to have sex with your partner to know if you love them or not. If you are having sex, it doesn’t matter if you have doubts about your relationship right now, you are still doing it. If you aren’t having sex because you worry you may be cheating and don’t want to hurt your partner, that’s a problem you need to work on right away.

Don’t have sex with him if you don’t like something about him

Who says sex has to be about loving someone? Maybe you’re not in the mood. Maybe you’re not attracted to the person you’re with. Maybe you’ve been together for years and things just aren’t as exciting anymore. Maybe sex isn’t something you want right now, but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t have it. We often think that love is the only thing that could make sex exciting, but the truth is that sex can be an incredibly intimate experience even when you’re not in love. If you don’t feel like having sex with your partner, that doesn’t mean you don’t love them. And it definitely doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to have sex.

Don’t hang out with his friends

If you want to stay away from bad influences, choose your friends wisely. And while it might be hard to cut some acquaintances off, do so anyway if they constantly bring up exes or argue about who has it worst in a relationship. You don’t want to support someone who has bad advice for you, especially if you’re already in a relationship.

cosmo bad relationship advice

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Your significant other’s friends can be a part of your life (and vice versa), but it’s important to keep things in perspective

You can’t control what your partner’s friends think or say about you, so it’s important to not get too fixated on what they say. It’s especially important not to take the comments about your appearance personally. Your partner’s friends may not be paying attention to anything but your physical appearance and may not mean any harm. Sometimes, it’s just a harmless joke, and other times, it might be a genuine concern or honest opinion. We all look different and all have different body types and personalities. You can’t expect everyone to like you just because you like them.

Your partner should be the only person you hang out with when you’re out and about

The idea that you need to only hang out with your partner isn’t just bad relationship advice—it’s dangerous. It implies that your partner is the only person who can care for you and that you should trust them implicitly with all aspects of your life. These beliefs are incredibly unhealthy, especially if your partner has controlling or abusive tendencies. There are plenty of single people who are perfectly happy with their romantic partners as their only friends, but it’s important to never allow yourself to be in that position if you don’t want to be mistreated.

Don’t go out to dinner or drinks with his friends

He’s your boyfriend, not his friends. Go out with your family or with your friends and leave the relationship with the guys out of it. You don’t want to get caught up in an argument between him and his friends that has nothing to do with you. Keep your distance so you can keep your thoughts and feelings about your relationship separate from everyone else’s.

Give him space

This is the worst possible advice you could give a guy. The idea that you can control how your partner feels about you is toxic. If you think you can make your partner feel differently by giving them space, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Your partner has feelings and deserves to feel heard. They deserve to feel loved and cherished regardless of whether or not they’re saying or doing the right things for you. If you choose to be a doormat, you’re sending the message that you don’t deserve to be loved, and you deserve to feel alone.

cosmo bad relationship advice

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No matter what age your child is, you should always give him his space

This is perhaps the most common piece of bad relationship advice I hear, and it’s not because it’s true. Relationships are full of feelings and it’s important to give your child a safe place to express those emotions. He may feel hurt or angry when you try to talk to him about your relationship, so it’s important to make sure that you give him plenty of room. Even if he doesn’t express those feelings to you, he will likely express them to his friends or through other outlets like art or writing. The more comfortable he feels sharing his feelings with you, the more likely he will be to confide in you in the future when he’s feeling anxious or afraid.

Try not to hover

If you’re doing all the work in your relationship, you may be expecting your partner to do more than they’re willing or able to do. If your partner isn’t interested in doing more than giving you sex or helping out around the house, that’s their choice. But expecting them to try and do more without giving them time to learn and grow is a recipe for disaster. If you’re not willing to let your partner have time to grow and learn on their own, you’ll end up resenting them for not doing things the way you want and will force them to change.

Don’t worry about what they’re doing

It’s normal for a relationship to go through highs and lows, and it’s not an issue as long as you’re communicating with your partner. Just because you’re not feeling romantic, doesn’t mean they aren’t. And just because they don’t tell you what they want doesn’t mean they don’t want it. But one thing that can definitely ruin a relationship is not caring about what your partner is doing, or not caring enough to check in with them to see if you’re on the same page.

Trust them to make the right decisions

This is the biggest one. If you tell your partner to trust you, it implies that you don’t trust them. It implies that you are insecure and don’t trust them to make their own choices. You aren’t giving them the full picture or the information they need to make good choices. You aren’t doing them any favors by saying, “Trust me,” you are actually holding them back. You are making it more difficult for them to trust you by forcing them to trust in you. Trust them to make good decisions but don’t expect them to automatically do so without your help.

In conclusion, if you are struggling in your relationship, don’t turn to Cosmo for advice. Talk to a therapist, read a self-help book, or do some research on your own. Whatever you do, don’t follow their terrible advice!