Funny Marriage Tips For Wife: How to Keep Your Husband Happy

Funny marriage tips for wife: how to keep your husband happy Marriage is not always easy, but there are ways to make it work. One way to do this is by making sure that your husband is happy. Here are some funny marriage tips for wife that will help you keep your husband happy: 1. Make sure he always has a clean house to come home to. 2. Cook his favorite meals and always have a hot meal waiting for him when he comes home from work. 3. Be sure to keep the romance alive by planning special date nights and weekends away. 4. Always be there for him when he needs you and be his shoulder to cry on when things get tough. 5. Make sure you keep up with your own hobbies and interests so you can stay sane during the tough times. If you follow these funny marriage tips for wife, you will be sure to keep your husband happy and make your marriage work. Be sure to

Keep your sex life exciting

It might not be that exciting if you get into the sex act the same way every time. Try to find new ways that you can have sex, and talk to your partner about what feels good to you.

Spice things up

Sexual positions can be fun and exciting but need to be done correctly to avoid injury. A great way to keep the love in your marriage fresh is to try new things. Be adventurous and talk to your partner about what positions you find most pleasurable. Try incorporating some of these positions into your sex life to keep things interesting!

Explore fantasies

One of the most common fantasies that people have is watching porn. Try incorporating porn into your sex life to add variety and spice. You can even try watching porn together. The idea of watching porn together can be intimidating for people, but when done correctly it can add more excitement to your sex life. Explore your fantasies together and let your imagination run wild!

Add a little variety

It may sound simple, but one way to keep your sex life exciting is to try something new. You don’t have to be adventurous to do this. Try incorporating foods that excite you to have sex. Or, if you are adventurous, try incorporating sex toys or sex acts you’ve never tried before. The more variety you add to your sex life, the more your sex life will stay fresh and interesting.

Make him a priority

You need to show your love for your husband by prioritizing him every day. Focus on what things are important to him and do your best to pay attention. Focus on what he likes and dislikes and pay attention to your own preferences so you can make sure that you can please each other. Be a good listener and talk to your partner about what is going on in your lives so that you can work together as a team.

funny marriage tips for wife

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Make him a priority for a week

Put your husband on the top of your to-do list for a whole week. Treat him to lunch, take him out for ice cream, or make love to him in the middle of the day. Your husband won’t be able to resist your loving touch and will feel like the king of the world! He will realize how much he is loved and will return the favor by doing little things to make you smile or feel special.

Start a day early

Who says we have to wait until the day is over to start the fun? A little anticipation can go a long way in the right direction. You can start the fun by washing up together and then head out to a romantic restaurant. You’ll both be looking forward to those kisses when you get home!

Plan a romantic weekend

When you’re not working on your marriage or raising kids, it’s easy to let things slip. But, a romantic weekend can be a great way to rekindle some of that sexual spark you had when you first got together. It’s important to make sure that the weekend doesn’t conflict with other events or family obligations that are important to both of you, but a weekend getaway can be a romantic way to reconnect and remind each other why you love each other.

Don’t compare him to other men

It is not helpful to compare your husband to other men or to judge them by their actions or their personalities. Instead, focus on the person that he is. Focus on the ways that you love him and how he makes you feel. Focus on the ways that you are attracted to him and the things that make him sexy to you, and let the rest fade away. Focus on the reality of your situation and what makes your marriage work, not on other people’s lives and what they are or aren’t doing. Focus on what you can do to make your marriage better, not on what others are doing to make theirs worse.

funny marriage tips for wife

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Men like to be different

This is one of those things that is difficult to explain to women. We like to know what to expect from our partners and can be frustrated when they don’t live up to our expectations. But, as we all know, life rarely works out that way. Men are different than women and they like to be different. They like to be spontaneous. They like to explore and create new things. They love to learn. They love to be challenged and to try new things. They love to be adventurous. They especially like being adventurous in the bedroom. If your man is used to one type of sexual activity, he may not be able to handle trying a new one, even if he likes it. He may even become angry or feel as if you are trying to change him.

Men don’t love shopping for clothes

Even if a man does love getting new clothes, it’s not the same as shopping for yourself. A woman will be drawn to unique pieces that match her personality and her wardrobe. A man will buy whatever is on sale regardless of how it looks. He won’t say, “I love that dress on you!” He’ll just think it looks really good on you. That’s not to say that women don’t appreciate a thoughtful gift, but a man’s love for shopping is not the same as a woman’s love for buying clothes.

Men don’t want to talk about their feelings

A man may not talk about his feelings, but he definitely has them. He may not be able to express them in the same way women do, but he definitely has them. Maybe he doesn’t like to talk about his feelings because it makes him feel vulnerable. Maybe he feels that it’s not masculine to show his emotions. But even if he doesn’t talk about it, you can be sure he’s thinking about it. He might not show it, but he definitely thinks about it. So, instead of asking about his feelings, try to talk about yours. Ask him to describe how he’s feeling. Let him know that you care about him and that you want to know how he’s doing.

Men don’t want to cuddle

The whole idea of cuddling is foreign to most men. I mean, who likes to feel snuggled in with someone else? It can feel nice for a moment, but it can quickly turn into something unpleasant. You can end up with a restless night, feeling smothered. Plus, the idea of being intimate with another person can be intimidating for a man. Not only can it feel intimidating, but he can also feel confused by the idea of sex and intimacy with his partner. He might not be sure what you want or what you expect from him. It can make him feel overwhelmed and just not want to be intimate with you at all.

Men don’t want to listen to you

As women, we often like to talk about what we want and how we feel. But it’s not always easy for a man to just listen. He’s busy with work and other responsibilities, and he may not understand why you’re so upset about something that doesn’t seem that important to him. While it’s important to talk about your feelings, try to give your husband more opportunities to express himself. Don’t talk about everything—it can feel as if you’re trying to control the conversation. And remember that sometimes just being quiet and giving your partner time to express his feelings can be enough.

Always be sweet and kind

When you feel your own anger rising, pause and remember that your partner is just as frustrated and embarrassed as you are. Try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes—it might be difficult, but it will make your relationship much happier. Try to look at your partner’s behavior differently, focusing instead on how you can change your reaction to it. If you find yourself trying to compete with your partner, you’ll only end up making the situation worse.

funny marriage tips for wife

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A smile goes a long way

You can be funny, you can be adventurous, you can be loving and romantic, but there is one thing that will guarantee your husband will love you no matter what — the way you look. A genuine smile will melt even the coldest heart, and it will remind him that no matter how hard things are in the moment, you will always be there for him. Be the woman who keeps his heart beating and he will do the same for you.

Be polite

We all have bad days and moods, but when your spouse is constantly being short tempered or downright rude, it can really take a serious toll on your relationship. Try to understand that your spouse is probably having a bad day or maybe even a bad week and that it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Sometimes people just have a short fuse—we all do! Try to be patient and understanding, and remember that your spouse is just as stressed out as you are.

Don’t be pushy

A pushy woman will irritate her husband and make him feel helpless. He won’t know where he stands with you. A pushy woman is one who will not let her husband speak his peace. He will feel that you are always challenging him. To keep your husband happy and submissive, don’t be pushy. Do not criticize, argue or argue with your husband. Do not make demands on your husband but rather, let him make the decisions in your life. Your husband is the man of the house and should be in control of his life.

Be generous

When you’re feeling down about life or your relationship, your spouse is often the first person who comes to mind to offer you a smile or a bit of a pick-me-up. If your spouse knows that you love to treat them to nice dinners out or even treats at home, they’re likely to do the same in return. After all, who doesn’t like to be pampered? Be a giver in all areas of your life, especially in the bedroom. Your spouse will feel loved and appreciated and will likely return the favor.

Be flexible

Be flexible enough to allow your partner to express their opinions and be willing to compromise. When you are a woman, you can be stubborn and want to argue about everything, when your partner is a man, he would not like it much. He would like to be the boss and have his way all the time. If you don’t know how to compromise, you will not be able to manage conflict in your marriage. Always try to be flexible and know that the world doesn’t run on your idea, but on the idea of the majority. Be willing to change your opinions if you realize that you are wrong.

In conclusion, if you want to keep your husband happy, these funny marriage tips for wife are essential. Use them to your advantage and enjoy a happy and fulfilling marriage.