Jay Shetty’s Marriage Advice For A Lasting Relationship

Jay shetty marriage advice

Commit to your relationship

The idea of commitment is often used as a threat in relationships, especially in the early days. But commitment is not about whether you choose one person over another; it’s about what you choose to do with each other. If you don’t believe your partner is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your relationship. A committed relationship is one where you both want to be together and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

Love is a decision

When it comes to love, there are no guarantees. At any moment, you could lose your love for your partner. You could find yourself developing feelings for someone else. While these feelings may make you feel anxious, love is a decision. You choose to love your partner, no matter what. If something makes you unhappy, you can always choose to end your relationship.

Understand that compromise is inevitable

One of the greatest challenges of a long-lasting marriage is the fact that two people are bound to have different opinions, beliefs, and ways of doing things. There is no way to avoid compromise in a marriage. It’s inevitable. But it’s important to understand that each person should be willing to compromise with the other. If you don’t compromise, you will end up living a life of conflict. This isn’t what a relationship is about. It’s about understanding that your partner is a different person with a different worldview than you. Compromise is a way to demonstrate your love for each other and your appreciation for the differences between you.

Don’t be afraid to say no

If you’re not sure how you feel, it’s okay to say so. Your partner should understand that you might not want to have sex on this trip or be intimate in any way. It’s not a rejection if your partner doesn’t want to do something in return. Tell your partner you love them and that you don’t want to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. And if your partner demands that you do something you don’t want to do, remind them that you deserve to be treated with respect and that you have the right to say no.

Recognize that disagreements are normal

Disagreements can add spice to a relationship, but they can also be draining if they are frequent or intense. Try not to let small disagreements or disagreements over unimportant things turn into full-fledged arguments. The same goes for hurtful words. When conflict arises, pause, take a deep breath, and try to resolve it as calmly and rationally as possible. If things continue to escalate, it’s time to seek help.

Don’t wait

Don’t wait for your partner to change for you, or for you to change for them. The most important thing you can do for your relationship is to love and appreciate who they are, right where they are today. If you want to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, you must be willing to be flexible and always willing to grow and change with your partner. If you can do that, you will be able to avoid the inevitable stress and conflict that can occur when partners try to change each other.

jay shetty marriage advice

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When to seek professional help

It’s natural to feel frustrated, depressed and alone when you experience relationship problems. But, if your relationship is causing you emotional distress or hurting your partner, it’s time to seek professional help for yourself and your relationship. A therapist can help you work through your feelings and discover the path to a happier relationship.

The earlier you seek help, the better

It is critical to know where you stand in your relationship. If you are in a marriage where you are not happy, it is best to seek help right away, before it gets worse. It is never too late to put an end to a marriage that is not working out. Every relationship needs to be nurtured and loved on a daily basis. You cannot expect to be happy or satisfied if you do not show how much you care.

Recognize the signs of mental illness

It’s not uncommon for one or both partners to struggle with mental illness, especially depression. If you notice a significant change in behavior, it’s important to talk to your partner about it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how you can help without making them feel invalidated. Mental illness is not a choice, so it’s not something that either of you can just “fix” on their own.

Get the help you need

The most important thing that you can do when it comes to your marriage is to seek the help you need. There are plenty of therapists available who can help you navigate your marriage and figure out how to make it work again. However, before you do this, consider how willing you are to change. Your partner might not be willing to undergo any therapy, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to work on the relationship.

Love your spouse

A lasting marriage is when two people love each other so much that they are willing to change for each other. It’s about showing your spouse that you care and appreciate them and how much they mean to you by doing little things to make them feel loved and special. These little things could mean doing chores or making dinner when they’re feeling under the weather, but when you do these things you’re showing them that you care about them so much that you are willing to put your needs aside to make them feel happy. These acts of love don’t have to be grand or romantic, they just need to be genuine. Being genuine is one of the keys to a lasting marriage.

jay shetty marriage advice

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Love your spouse regardless of what they may be doing

It is not in your spouse’s power to change how you feel. Instead, it is in your power to love them in spite of their actions. This is incredibly difficult in the beginning of a relationship. You are learning how your partner treats you, and many times, it doesn’t match up with what you expect from them. The more you work at it, though, the better your feelings will grow and love will begin to guide your actions. Remember that you deserve love and respect, no matter what your spouse does or says.

Put aside criticism and don’t bring it up around your spouse

It is difficult to argue with someone when that person is not around. Try to let your spouse be the judge of your behavior and watch how they respond. If they are still upset about something you said or did a week ago, try not to bring it up. If they are angry about something you did, don’t argue. Just apologize. Focus on building a relationship that is based on love rather than on criticism.

Be attentive

Pay attention to your partner’s moods and feelings. What is it that they like or dislikes? Do they have a specific food they enjoy? Do they enjoy being adventurous or more reserved? Acknowledging and remembering how your partner feels can help you stay more connected as a couple, and it will help you meet your partner’s needs more effectively.

Don’t take your spouse for granted

Your spouse is not just another person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Your spouse is the person you chose to share your life with and to love and care for you. Don’t take that for granted. Take the time to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them and how much you care for them. Even if you have been together for many years, it is important to show your spouse that you still love and care for them.

Don’t use their love for you as an excuse for bad behavior

Sometimes we use our partners as an excuse for bad behavior, and it hurts them. If your partner is hurt by your behavior, they will remind you of it. Don’t use your love for them as an excuse for bad behavior (even if you think it’s for their own good). They deserve love and respect now and forever.

Be kind and generous

You can show your spouse that you care about them by treating them like royalty. This doesn’t mean getting your way every time, but rather, remembering that your spouse is a person, not an object to control. Being kind and generous shows your spouse that you value them and want to keep them happy. It is incredibly easy to forget that your spouse is a person and not a tool to use to get what you want. When you remember, it can make all the difference in your marriage and relationship.

jay shetty marriage advice

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Take the initiative to do favors and small tasks for others

A relationship is all about giving and receiving. You also need to take the initiative to do favors and small tasks for others. It’s easy to just let life happen. If you’re not careful, you could end up doing all the chores and giving your partner time to do their own thing instead. Instead, try to go the extra mile and do as much as you can to help your partner out. This could be by helping them with chores around the house or by doing things for them that they might not feel like doing.

Share your knowledge and skills

A marriage can actually be an opportunity to learn and grow, to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. And there’s no better way to do that than to learn from one another. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal beliefs or change your lifestyle, but rather that you share them with your partner and discuss ways in which you can work together to incorporate those beliefs into your relationship.

Be open and honest

It can be incredibly challenging to talk about your feelings, especially when you’re afraid of hurting your partner. But being honest is one of the keys to a successful relationship. If you have something to say, say it. Honesty helps you know what you’re getting yourself into. You can’t build a relationship on lies. And being open and honest doesn’t mean you have to share every detail of your life with your partner. Sometimes it’s enough to share what’s going on inside you right that second and that can be enough to help your partner feel closer to you. People who are honest tend to be happier and more relaxed, so why wouldn’t you make being honest part of your relationship?

Make sure to listen

If you notice a change in your partner’s personality, let them know that you are willing to listen. Don’t assume you know what they are thinking or feeling. In order to have an intimate relationship, you need to know what makes your partner tick. If you are unaware of how they feel or why they are acting a certain way, ask them. The most loving thing you can do is to be willing to put your partner first. Always ask them what they are thinking, feeling, and want. Keep your communication lines open and stay honest.

In conclusion, if you want to have a lasting relationship like Jay Shetty, make sure to follow his advice!