New Relationship Tips For Guys: How To Keep Her Interested

New relationship tips for guys can be hard to come by. You want to keep her interested, but you don’t want to come on too strong and scare her away. You want to show her your best self, but you also don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard. It can be a delicate balance, but it’s one that you can achieve with a little bit of effort. Check out the rest of this article for some tips on how to keep her interested in you.

Don’t talk too much about yourself

When you talk about yourself, it can leave your new love wondering what they have to do to get you to stop talking about yourself. We all know that a conversation about yourself is the perfect icebreaker, but you don’t want to be the icebreaker for your date. People are drawn to others who want to know them and experience the world with them. If you talk about yourself all the time, they won’t be interested in learning more about you. And if you’re not into yourself, why would you want someone else to be into you?

Avoid bragging about your accomplishments

This could be anything from “how many girlfriends you’ve had” to “how many people you’ve slept with,” but there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to turn her off: bragging about accomplishments that don’t have any connection to her. If you’re bragging about something that doesn’t have any relevance to her, she’s going to feel like you’re only interested in yourself and not in her. Plus, she’ll know that you don’t have any intentions on treating her differently and she won’t want to waste her time.

Don’t talk about how much money you make

If you don’t know how to hold a conversation, then talk about your interests. There are plenty of ways to learn how to talk to women, and the best way is to practice. The more you talk with women, the better you’ll become at conversation. Ask questions, make comments about the topic of conversation based on what interests you, and pay attention to how she responds. The more you talk with women, the easier it will be to have a conversation.

Avoid discussing any health issues

It’s hard to connect with someone when you’re constantly talking about your health. If your goal is to build a connection, learn how to discuss your feelings and your struggles without bringing up your health. It’s not always easy, but when you try, you’ll notice how much more at ease you feel and how interested she becomes. And you don’t want to be interesting to her for anything other than making her feel safe and loved, right?

If you know you’re not the smartest person in the room, avoid discussing your intelligence

If you know you are not the smartest person in the room, avoid discussing your intelligence in front of women you like. It will be very off-putting, and you can say things you don’t mean. It’s best to keep your intelligence to yourself in front of women you’re just getting to know. Instead, talk about things she is interested in or ask her questions about her life. If she is interested in your brain, she will let you know—it will not be a focus of the conversation. In any case, she will be more likely to find you attractive for other reasons.

Don’t be clingy

Have you ever been with a girl and seen how she just can’t seem to get enough of your attention? Or how about the girl who is so enamored with you that she is always hanging all over you and following you around, even if you just went to the bathroom a few minutes ago? If you’re the type of guy who falls into this category, you definitely don’t want to be.

new relationship tips for guys

Don’t wait for your partner to ask you out

We’ve all been there—you’re interested in someone, but they don’t seem interested in you. Instead of waiting for them to make the first move, make your intentions clear and let them know how you feel. If they don’t respond or seem interested at all, it’s not a reflection of you—it’s a reflection of them. Take a deep breath, remind yourself that you deserve to be treated with respect and that you have a right to feel attracted to someone, and move on.

Don’t assume your partner wants to hang out with you

There are a few ways to figure out if your partner is interested in hanging out with you. You can ask them, of course. But you can also keep track of their social media activity and pay attention to their body language when you’re together. If they seem to be flirting with other people or are overly touchy towards you, it might be because they don’t want to be exclusive with you. If you’re really interested in maintaining a relationship with them, make sure you’re not pressuring them to spend time with you or acting clingy.

Don’t be too eager to spend time with your partner

Be cautious about how many dates you want to have the first week. As you get to know each other better, you can set a more realistic schedule for how often you want to see your partner and how long you’re willing to wait to see them again. In the meantime, make sure you don’t go overboard and push your partner to spend more time with you than they want to. Be patient and let them set the pace for how often you want to see each other.

Don’t be a “yes” person

If she says “yes” to something, she wants to know that you’re committed to the idea as well. Don’t immediately jump on board with every plan she suggests just because she said “yes.” A girl likes to feel that she’s the one who makes the decisions in a relationship, so she needs to know that you value her opinions. You will be showing her you value her by actively listening to her ideas and opinions and by making an effort to do things she wants to do. She won’t feel smothered if you let her make the decisions sometimes, especially when it comes to things she’s really interested in.

Don’t ask for too much

It’s easy to assume that women want to be asked all sorts of questions, but they don’t. In fact, many women are fine with a light discussion about sex or sexual habits, but if you start asking for more specifics about how she likes to be pleasured, she’ll quickly feel uncomfortable. She might even feel like you’re invading her privacy or expecting her to know all the best sex tricks, neither of which is true. If you want to know more about your new girl, ask her questions about her interests outside of sex, or take her out to activities you both enjoy together. Keep the conversation light and don’t ask her to divulge more about her sexual preferences or previous partners than she’s willing to.

new relationship tips for guys

Always provide clear, concise instructions

One of the most common mistakes that guys make when they’re just getting to know a woman is asking her to do way too much. We often don’t realize how intimidating simple requests can be for a woman. It’s especially important for a guy to take the time to provide clear, concise instructions when it comes to what he wants. Not only will she feel more secure knowing exactly what you want, but she’ll also be more likely to give you exactly what you asked for.

Avoid asking for too much

Women are generally comfortable giving hints about what they want, but when you start asking for too much too soon, you’re making her think you’re not interested and may even scare her off. So when you’re first getting to know a woman, it’s best to ask for less from her and let her offer more. You can always add more to the conversation later but it’s a lot harder to take it back if she says no.

Communicate your needs clearly and concisely

The way you talk to a woman can have a big impact on her feelings towards you. If you’re not very good at expressing yourself, she may feel confused about what you want and need from her and this will only lead to frustration on both sides. Start by learning how to express yourself clearly and directly and your woman will be sure to put her all into pleasing you! If you find that you’re not very good at this, it’s time to practice, and there are plenty of great books out there that can help you with that, such as How To Talk to Anyone.

Know your client’s needs

When you’re trying to figure out what to say to a woman you’re interested in, consider how she feels and what she could use from you. If you’re trying to figure out how to attract a woman, take the time to discover what she truly wants. Ask her what she’s looking for in a relationship and what she needs from you. Learn what makes her feel safe and loved. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to cater to her needs and make her feel special.

Ask for what you need, not what you want

If you’re expecting the girl to do something for you, she’s going to wonder why you can’t do it for yourself. When she does something for you, she feels like she’s doing something nice. By asking for what you need in a more direct manner, you’ll make her feel more like she’s helping you rather than doing something nice for you. This is a very direct and honest approach that will make her more interested in you.

Don’t be overly sexual

There’s no need to try and show her just how strong your sexual drive is. If she’s interested in you, she’ll want to know that you’re interested in her. You don’t need to talk about your sexual exploits or fantasies to demonstrate your interest. Just be yourself and let her know how much you care about her.

new relationship tips for guys

Avoid suggestive clothing

What does it say to a woman if you walk around in tight tees, shorts, or skimpy underwear? If you want to keep her interested in you, avoid wearing tight clothing that highlights your body. Women are much more attracted to men who wear more form fitting clothes.

Keep your language PG-13

Nothing is worse than a dirty talker! If you’re trying to build sexual tension, there are plenty of ways to do it without using curse words. The right type of dirty talk can actually help you learn what your partner likes and dislikes and can help you perform better in bed. But if you talk about sex like it’s your job, your partner will feel just as bored as they’d feel if you discussed tax law. So, keep your language clean and simple and you’ll keep her interested!

Avoid sexual innuendo

Be direct and keep the conversation light and fun. Avoid sexual innuendo at all costs in the early stages of your relationship. If you make sexual comments to her, she’ll start to wonder why you’re paying attention to her or why she’s even in your life. Don’t be suggestive or make assumptions about what she finds attractive. Just because she likes to cuddle doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you. And if she says she doesn’t like to have sex yet, she doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to!

Avoid situations where you could be objectified

If you’re at a strip club or a party, don’t be the guy who treats women like sex objects. You’ll come off as creepy and make her feel uncomfortable. And if you’re in a relationship, be careful not to do things or say things that could put her down and make her feel like you’re trying to show her just how much more you can do than she can.

In conclusion, if you want to keep your new relationship strong and interesting, follow these tips! Talk openly with your partner, be supportive, and make sure to keep the spark alive by planning fun date nights. What are you waiting for? Go out there and enjoy your new relationship!